Welcomed by PWI Chairman, JKW Team Arrives in Kendari After Touring 24 Provinces

Jakarta – The Nationality Exploration of Journalists (JKW) team arrived in Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi after traveling in 24 provinces. They were welcomed by the General Chairperson of the PWI Center, Atal S Depari.

The motorcycle team arrived in Kendari on Thursday (4/2) afternoon. They will celebrate National Press Day in Kendari from 6 to 10 February 2022. Atal S Depari is happy to see the condition of the four journalists who are still healthy and fit.

“Hopefully you will continue to be healthy and be able to complete the journey until you return to Jakarta safely without lacking anything,” said Atal S Depari accompanied by the Chairman of the JKW PWI Committee Dar Edi Yoga, in his statement, Sunday (6/2/2022).

Atal S Depari talked with motorists consisting of Yanni Krishnayanni, Indrawan Ibonk, Sonny Wibisono and Aji Tunang Pratama. He had time to ask the condition of the motor after being taken touring.

This Kawasaki motorcycle uses Kingland brand tires and has changed tires three times,” said Indrawan Ibonk.

The motorists told about their experiences while visiting 24 provinces. They have been impressed with PWI colleagues in various regions since they were released on October 28, 2021.

“We are also very helped by the support from Kingland tire sponsors in various cities, which is extraordinary,” said Yanni Krishnayanni.

After the HPN, according to the Head of the JKW PWI Team, Dar Edi Yoga, the motorists will continue their journey to Maluku, Papua, NTT, NTB, Bali, and return to Java.

“They will finish in Jakarta in about a month and a half. We ask for prayers from all Indonesian people so that everything goes smoothly,” said Dar Edi Yoga.