Jakarta Mothai Fest Kingland 2022, Cakung, East Jakarta : FIX 2022 KINGLAND ALL OUT SUPPORT MODIFICATION CONTEST & Stimulate BUILDER REGENERATION

The passion and variety of automotive activities in the country, again, shows indications of a resurgence. That means, in various parts of the country, it has been declared that activities have returned to normal, after being hit by a pandemic storm.

After being celebrated with a national standard motocross championship at the end of 2021 which was held consecutively, then in early 2022 the modification segment began to show its movement.

Through a spectacular event, titled Jakarta Mothai Fest Kingland 2022, which was held at one of the malls in the Cakung area, East Jakarta.

Being a competition for builders and modifiers, from Jakarta and West Java, their creativity and innovation are again contested.

PT. King Tire Indonesia, the tire manufacturer Kingland, which two years ago was active in overseeing and supporting the journey of the modification contest, in 2022 it was declared that the all-out fix was back to liven up the world of two-wheel modification.

“That means, there will be more and more, the schedule and even distribution of modification contest locations that will be held in remote parts of the country,” explained Joko Suseno Marketing Division Head of PT. King Tire Indonesia.

The hot news is, the momentum of the modification contest which was held after the pandemic, the competition is actually getting fiercer.

Because, quite a lot of modifiers and builders have appeared with black horse characters, which surprise the old champions.

Because, I believe that during the event’s vacuum, the new champions actually made it a learning space, to catch up with their seniors.

From a matter of aesthetic blend, detailing, color harmonization to the neatness of the installation of accessories.

So, what we want as sponsorship in the modification contest is to run dynamically like this.

Data and facts about the occurrence of regeneration in the world of modification, presented in real!

“Kingland to its loyalists, is able to transform into a booster of encouragement, in developing the latest automotive creative industry segment,” said Joko Suseno.

Indeed, it is time for the young and young to appear on the surface.

Because, in terms of the mindset and realization of the translated modifications, it is relatively new, in the world of modification.

This crucial point is actually the one that must be addressed by the jury. Both in terms of stimulation so that the new themes and classes will be more lively.

“Or instead provide scope and space, specifically modifmania which is classified as young,” suggested Joko Suseno.

The smiling man also added, in the opening series of the 2022 modification contest, PT. King Tire Indonesia also introduced its newest product.

Famous with the name Kingland RTX 5, it was designed as an improvement from the modification contest journey and the needs of today’s bikers, who want a fashionable and stylish footprint.

Specially, in terms of appearance, the Kingland RTX 5 is quite fashionable for modification needs.

The theme and flow of modifications are more emphasized.

“Although the Kingland RTX 5 is designed as a road touring tire, it is very appropriate for escorting socialites and bikers’ activities,” explained Joko.

The comfort and sporty appearance of the Kingland RTX 5 are claimed to be the main attraction.

Automatically, when the medium and premium matic segments are adopted, it looks more elegant and sporty.

This point is strongly influenced by the innovation of Kingland RTX 5, which has a varied profile and attractive design.

For 90/80-14 & 100/80-14 profiles, can be adopted for Beat, Vario, Mio or Lexi.

Lexi’s rear footprints can also be used with 110/80-14, Beat also switches right to 90/80-14 front and rear profiles.

However, if the profile is 100/80-14 & 120/70-14, it is suitable to be paired with the second generation PCX.

“Profile 110/80-14 & 140/70-14, the more stable it is pinned on the Aerox. Another option, the front can use an alternative 120/70-14,” tips Joko Suseno.

For the profiles 120/70-13 & 140/70-13, the idol of bikers riding the N Max, because it is claimed to be more stable for maneuvering and dealing with damaged roads.

And the 120/70-14 & 140/70-13 profiles, can be an alternative to the latest generation of ADV or PCX. For the front, it can be replaced with a 110/80-14 profile, as an option.

The Kingland RTX 5 profile line up, which tends to be larger, is able to offer classy comfort.

The reason is, the ability of the damping power to increase further, when faced with various road conditions.

That way, bikers always feel comfortable throughout the trip.

“So, Kingland RTX 5 is not only qualified for touring, but also suitable for kopdar or coffee with colleagues,” promo Joko Suseno.

Over all, Kingland RTX 5 is quite aspirational, according to the desire of automatic bikers in Indonesia.

And info from internal PT. King Tire Indonesia, Kingland RTX 5 will be evenly distributed in February 2022.

For the price, it is much more competitive, so it is quite friendly for the pocket of bikers. enea/photo : Kingland