DB Lubuklinggau 2021: Jupi 130cc Jawara Racing Ft BossRacing Break Through 7.8 Seconds, Supported by Kingland Vellox CTX5 tires

The Jupie 130 belonging to the team from Palembang again stole the public’s attention by being the champion of the 4T TU 130cc Underbone using front and rear tires from Kingland at the Lubuk Linggau 201M Drag Bike Mayor Championship which was held on December 19, 2021.

This time it was Adit Coco’s turn, who was immediately brought in from Kediri to be entrusted as the executor of the Jupiter 5tp motorbike from the Jawara Racing team feat Boss Balap Racing Palembang. Adit’s record is not kidding, which is 7,856 seconds.

“Alhamdulillah, mas, I can win, the character of the motorbike at the bottom is normal like the motorbikes that I often ride, the superior power is really good, especially when we use the rear tire using Kingland type King Vellox CTX 5.” Said Adit Coco when he was met after the race

The toughness of this orange-breathing Jupiter has indeed been proven, it was observed that he participated in 3 races, 3 times also won the 130cc 4T TU Underbone class with a record under 7.9 seconds.

“Alhamdulillah, in 3 races 3 times, the motorbike was also able to win the 130cc 4T TU Underbone class with a record time of 7.8 seconds in Lubuk Linggau, previously it was even 2 times consistent at 7.7 seconds, for maintenance myself I always repair before the race and the results this is also thanks to the use of Kingland type King Vellox CTX 5 rear tires.” Say Septa Jawara to the author

OK, once again congrats to Jawara Racing feat Boss Balap Racing Palembang and Adit Coco, I hope you continue to excel…

Here are the specs of Jupiter 130 Jawara Racing feat Boss Racing Palembang

Pistons: FJN 55.25mm

Valve / valve : 24mm/28mm Titanium Costum

Compression : 15:1

Per valve / valve : Samurai Japan

CDI : Rextor Prodrag1

Carburetor: Uma Racing 30mm

Coil : Yamaha YZ

Ratio : Costum

Final Gear : 14 /33

Front Tire: Kingland type King Velox CTX 2

Rear Tire: Kingland type King Velox CTX 5