DB Lubuklinggau 2021: Although Departing with Kingland, Wiwi Tingils Speaks Up!!!

The Mayor’s Drag Bike Lubuk Linggau 201M Championship has ended on December 19, 2021. The race which was attended by Wiwi Mungil went lively with 332 starters enlivened by 332 starters at the NP Circuit. UNMURA Campus Complex, Lubuk Linggau City, South Sumatra Province.

The enthusiasm of the participants, the team, and the audience was very lively with the presence of Lady Racer from Cikarang. Wiwi Mungil Herself was immediately presented by Ban Kingland to participate in the event which was initiated by AGP Production.

“I didn’t think the race in Lubuk Linggau would be this crowded, the local racers were also quite many, some team names and racers also came from out of town.” Said Wiwi Mungil when visited directly at Booth Kingland.

Wiwi Mungils x Kingland

Wiwi Mungil Herself is a Brand Ambassador from Kingland which is one of these Indonesian Local Products. Wiwi assessed yesterday’s race could be a benchmark for the class in Sumatra, considering that the prize distribution system was not based on the number of quotas per class, especially in the points class. In addition, she also added a little input for all race racing lovers in South Sumatra, especially Lubuk Linggau.

“I really appreciate the organizers because they have given non-quota prizes in 4 class points, especially, apart from that, I also have a message for the next dragbike event, maybe the regulations can be improved again, from safety for the drivers, the race schedule can be tightened, so that drivers and The team in Sumatra can be even more advanced and professional.” Add Wiwi Mungil