Kingland Cares about Floods Donates One Fast Food Truck to Serang Banten

SERANG – With dexterity without waiting for time, Kingland Tire immediately implemented the Kingland Cares for Flood program. This Indonesian motorcycle tire company provided ready-to-eat and raw food assistance to residents of Serang, Banten, West Java who were affected by the flood.

As is known that March is the rainy season. Unexpectedly heavy raindrops flushed the area of West Java. As a result, there are areas affected by flooding, namely Suka Jaya Village, Banten Village, Kasemen Serang District. The people of the village were saddened by the large puddle.

Hearing this news, Kingland Tire lowered its program and action, Kingland Cares for Floods. The goal is to minimize the burden on the people affected by the flood. Kingland Cares for Floods is Kingland’s CSR. Kingland Tire as a leading tire company in Indonesia does not only create and market quality motorcycle tires to the public. But continue to intensify its CSR.

Kingland Tire Represented by Maryono, Head of Production Division of Kingland Tire and his staff, Heru Kurniawan, Rocih, Sulatip, Sutendi provided assistance with ready-to-eat food and raw menus to the people of Serang Banten who were affected by the flood.

The Kingland Peduli assistance was handed over to residents of Suka Jaya village, Rt 01, Rw 12, Banten Village, Kasemen District, Serang, Banten, West Java. The donation of ready-to-eat food and groceries as much as one box of a large truck was accepted by Komaruddin, the Head of the RT and his staff.

“We hope this assistance can reduce the burden on the community. And of course, hopefully this disaster will pass soon. So people can get back to work. A warning for all of us. Considering that March is still a period of rainy weather and strong winds,” said Maryono in the Kingland Peduli activity.

He said, Kingland Tire is always quick to see the condition of Indonesian citizens. The donation is an aid from the CSR department of Kingland.

“Hopefully this assistance can be useful for the people of Suka Jaya village, Serang Banten. Healthy always for all. Care for each other, share with each other,” he said.