Kingland Tire Proves Loyalty to Support Gadhuro Drag Bike Series 2022 – The 2022 Gadhuro Drag Bike Series started last weekend, the first series which took place at the Gading NP Lanud Circuit, Wonosari, Yogyakarta (23-24/4). This is a prestigious drag bike racing event that can be called the 201M straight racing star wars.

It is called so because the event, which was developed by Gadhuro Sport Club, is attended by racers, mechanics and top national drag bike teams. Well, behind it all, of course, there is an important role for sponsors as supporters of the success of the 2022 Gadhuro Drag Bike Series.

King Vellox CTX Tire

One that has proven to be loyal in guarding the Gadhuro Drag Bike Series is local tire manufacturer Kingland Tire. The name Kingland Tire is indeed famous in drag bike racing with its King Vellox CTX product that is relied on by racers and mechanics.

“As previously stated, we will continue to support the Gadhuro event. Apart from that, there are also teams that we support this year,” said Joko Suseno, Head of Marketing Division of Kingland Tire, who is always present at the race location.

What is certain is that this is a testament to Kingland Tire’s loyalty and consistency in helping advance drag bike racing in Indonesia. Not only issuing tire products, but also supporting events and drag bike teams. Sip! Aji