Kingland tires continue to support the 2022 Gadhuro Drag Bike Series, here’s the reason!

The 2022 Gadhuro Drag Bike Series event has started, the first round was immediately attacked by 661 starters which took place at the NP Gading Lanud Gunung Kidul Circuit, Yogyakarta 23-24 April 2022.

Kingland tires are still loyal to take part in being one of the sponsors in the event which is loved by lovers of straight racing 201M and 402M. So what are the reasons that make a brand like Ban Kinglad become part of the sponsor of the event?

“We evaluated from the beginning of the cooperation the previous year, the packaging of this event was quite good and safe, many of the participants were also experienced because they were all top national racers, so the management still participates in the 2022 Gadhuro event.” Said Joko Suseno as Marketing Division Kingland who was observed to be present in the circuit.

Joko Suseno from Kingland Tire

This turned out to be what made Kingland again become a sponsor in this event. It turns out that Kingland Tire not only supports the Gadhuro event, but there are also several team names that they support in this event. Who are these teams?

“We do support several teams participating in the gadhuro race, namely Wahana Baru Bandung, Moon racing and Joyo Racingstart, we will also improve on King Vellox 60/80-17 tires.” Added Joko Suseno to the author.