The Best Wiwi Mungil in Matic 200cc Women Gadhuro Drag Bike Wonosari, Time 7.283 Seconds on Wet Tracks

BalapMotor.Net – This slick appearance was shown by the original girl from Cikarang Wiwi Tiny at the first round of the 2022 Gadhuro Drag Bike Series which took place at the Gading NP Lanud circuit, Wonosari (24/4). Wiwi was able to be the best in the Matic TU 200cc Women’s class.

Lady Dragster, who joined the Kawahara Racing Wahana Baru Bandung Kingland team, managed to beat Popo WBM’s Yamaha Mio. The record time achieved by Wiwi itself is also quite sharp, which is 7,283 seconds on a wet track condition, aka wet race.

Wiwi herself admits that calm is the key. “Alhamdulillah, mas, it’s more calm when it rains or the track is wet, how to control emotions so that it doesn’t twist at the start,” said Wiwi Tiny when met by the author at the circuit.

Now, the appearance of the blue-coloured automatic is slightly different on the chassis or frame compared to other motorbikes, which mostly switch to using a modified Nouvo chassis. The chassis used by this bike itself is still using the standard Mio chassis which has been modified in such a way.

“I just wanted to be different from the others, but it turned out that when I tried it, I was comfortable with the racer,” said Popo as the mechanic. Ok, congrats for that Wiwi Mungil. |Budy