Kingland Tire and Tube Comes with Supports and Celebrates 1st Century NU in Tubaba– Tulang Bawang Barat– Kingland brand tire company with the types of Tire and Tube, Retail Catalog 2022/2023 is here at Tubaba. The presence of one of these well-known tire companies, in its participation, supports and supports as well as being one of the sponsors of the 1 century Nahdatul Ulama (NU) event on Sunday, 12/03/2023. 12/03/2023.

Kingland’s presence is not only on the peak day of the 1st century anniversary of NU, but since the first day, namely Friday, 10/03/2023 to Sunday, 12/03/2023 today. Kingland branded motor vehicle tires are available in tubeless and regular types.

The Head of Sales for the Lampung Kingland Area, Rama Yules explained, there are many types with various sizes of tires available from his company. These include Tiger CRT 001, Pangolin CRT 002, King Puma, King Leopard, King Jaguar, King Tiger, King Dolpin, King Pitbull, King Anakonda, King Lion, King Alligator, and inner tubes of various shapes and sizes.

As a Lampung area salesperson himself, he invites the people of Tubaba, especially those who need Kingland branded tires, to contact the nearest sales or shop in Pulung Kencana. People who use vehicles, please try and replace their motorcycle tires with Kingland so they can know more about the quality and quality of the products that the company is currently marketing.