KINGLAND COMEBACK GIVES PROOF, EZA CHILD IS THE FASTEST MOTORBIKE CLASS 4 NO 200 CC BEGINNER!! – October 31, 2022. Fierce competition occurs in the Beginner’s 4 Tak Tu 200 cc motorcycle class, the class which was attended by 11 participants presented Eza Child’s battle with Vano Mahendra to fight for the position of 1. Eza Child who carried the LGM Gupis Lexri Story Id team flag AMR Sinexo was successful conquered his rivals in the final round after successfully recording a time of 07.106 seconds. The time record was only 0.49 seconds from Vano Mahendra who had to settle for 2nd place in the final result of the 5 stroke 200 cc duck for beginners. “Very Tight, mas, Alhamdulillah, I can still be the best even though I myself am still learning to understand the character of a 200 cc 4 stroke motorcycle engine, especially this Mx King,” said Eza Child, a drag bike racer from the capital city of Jakarta.

With the success of Eza Child as the fastest in the Beginner’s 4 Stroke 200 cc motorcycle class at the Indramayu Regent’s Cup Drag Bike event, it is clear evidence that the Kingland Tire Type Vellox CTX 5 used in the Mx King 200 cc motorcycle team LGM Gupis Lexri Story Id AMR Sinexo has able to be aligned with the previous tire brand. “Regarding the Kingland tire type Vellox Ctx 5, this is quite good, sir, there were no major problems during the race,” added Eza Child.

Yep, this Kingland type Vellox Ctx 5 tire is indeed mushrooming among Drag Bikes in the country, the cheaper price and quality that can be compared to the previous one is one of the reasons the racers and teams switch to tires made in the country. Congratulations to all Winners and those who haven’t won are still enthusiastic because there are still many opportunities that will come in the future.