Jaguar RTX 5, Tires that are Suitable for Scooter Users Who Like to Touring

PT King Tire Indonesia as the manufacturer of Kingland motorcycle tires continues to show their existence through the new Kingland RTX 5 tire

Autoride – As one of the local tires made in Indonesia, Kingland can be said as a tire that is now starting to be hunted by riders. Therefore, in order to meet the increasing market demand, PT King Tire Indonesia presents a new variant, the Jaguar RTX 5 which is made for automatic motorbike users.

The Jaguar RTX 5 is indeed made to meet the needs of the very large matic motorcycle user market in Indonesia. Where consumers want tires that are sporty, but still comfortable for daily use or long distance trips.

Some of its advantages include the use of the Aggressive Traction Pattern to improve when the rider wants to accelerate or decelerate, then the Wider Grip Contact which makes handling more precise and responsive. As well as Touring Comfort Construction where the construction and tire compound are comfortable and add damping power.

“RTX 5 was designed as a road touring tire. Has a sporty appearance but is still comfortable for short and long distance trips. With the ability of damping power, the rider will always be comfortable throughout the journey,” explained Joko Suseno as Marketing Division of PT King Tire Indonesia.

Regarding size, Kingland seems to be able to accommodate most automatic motorbike users in various sizes. Among them are sizes 90/80-14, 100/90-14, 110/80-14. These three sizes can be used for favorite scooters in Indonesia today, including the Honda Beat, Vario. Or scooters belonging to Yamaha, Mio, and Lexi.

“Kingland makes tires to pamper all automatic scooter users in Indonesia. So that various sizes are available, and you don’t have to worry about prices because they are competitive for biker pockets,” added Joko. Currently, Jaguar RTX 5 tires are available in the market with a price tag of IDR 258 ​​thousand for the 90/80-14 size, then IDR 298 thousand for the 100/80-14 size, and IDR 338 thousand for the 110/80-14 size. The price tag is the Recommended Retail Price (HED).

It doesn’t stop here, Kingland is still preparing a surprise regarding the Jaguar RTX 5 which will provide other sizes, including 120/70-14, 140-70-14, 120/70-13 and 140/70-13 which are ready to be released in the near future. . (Photo: Doc. Autoride – Kingland)