Gomax Adventure Touring Mandalika, for the sake of being able to watch MotoGP

Gomax Adventure Touring Mandalika is being carried out by Gomax Adventure riders led by Anang Fauzi.

Autoride – A total of 12 Gomax Adventure riders took part in the long-distance touring event Road to MotoGP Mandalika. Touring to Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) starts from 12 – 27 March 2022. Gomax Adventure Touring Mandalika starts touring from Yamaha DDS Cempaka Putih, Jakarta. The release of the touring was also attended by riders from IBMI Jabotabekten, ARTSPEED Jabodetabek, and the NMax Nusantara Forum.

The first day of touring, from Jakarta Gomax Adventure directly to Pekalongan, Central Java, and continued on the second day to Surabaya, East Java. If the trip is smooth, then after spending the night in Surabaya, the Gomax Adventure team will cross directly to Lembar Harbor, Lombok. Then along the shore until you arrive at Mandalika to watch the Indonesian MotoGP at the Mandalika Circuit on March 20, 2022.

“Touring activities have become a routine agenda for Gomax Adventure, it’s just that since the pandemic we have reduced it a bit. But when we saw the current condition, Indonesia was getting better, we immediately made a plan for touring again as a cure for our homesickness. The medicine for longing is not borne by us touring Jakarta – Lombok,” said Anang, Head of Gomax Adventure.

When heading home, Gomax Adventure will stop in Bali first to check the Yamaha NMax motorbike. Then take the southern route of Java Island via Banyuwangi – Lumajang – Malang – Pacitan (East Java).

From Pacitan, the team will stop in Yogyakarta first to return to check the vehicle and change motorcycle oil, before continuing the journey to Jakarta by following the Pangandaran – Purwokerto – Garut – Bandung – Jakarta route.

“Our capable fleet is one of the reasons why we often hold touring events, the riding position using Nmax is very comfortable so we don’t feel tired quickly and the engine is also tough. As long as we are touring, we are grateful that we have never had a serious problem. Using Nmax makes us also confident and proud,” concluded Anang.

Besides Yamaha, touring events are also supported by Kingland, Extrajoss, Helmet G2, and Maxwire tires. (Maston/Photo: special)