DB Padang 2022: Wiwi Mungils Comes Closer to Introduce Kingland Tires

The championship, entitled Dian Optical Auto FEST 2022 Kingland Drag Bike Championship, was held on March 20, 2022 and took place at the NP circuit. Lanut Sutan Sjarir Padang, West Sumatra. one of the top female dragsters from Cikarang, namely, Wiwi Tiny Monitored Attending this event

The 24-year-old racer was stunned to be present to enliven the race with Kingland Tires. Wiwi itself is the Brand Ambassador of the Indonesian local tire product.

“Yes, sir, I raced with Kingland in Padang, I’ve been here since Friday. The enthusiasm of the people of West Sumatra, especially Padang, is very special to welcome me, from the friendly audience and the drivers are also quite busy, so the competition is getting better. hehehe.” Said Wiwi Tiny to the author.

Wiwi Pratiwi #21
Coming all the way from Cikarang to Padang the results were not in vain, Wiwi managed to get the first podium in the 8 second bracket class and the second podium in the 200cc matic class using Kingland tires of the King Vellox CTX 5 type. Kingland also apparently has another goal, what is it?

In addition to enlivening the event, our goal is also to introduce that tiny Wiwi is one of Kingland’s brand ambassadors and so that young people in West Sumatra, especially Padang, can be motivated to achieve like Wiwi Mungil.” Says Joko Suseno as Marketing Division Kingland