Touring Jakarta Lombok, Gomax Adventure Tests the Toughness of Kingland Tires

Tire manufacturer Kingland is one of the supporters of the Gomax Adventure Road to MotoGP Mandalika touring event.

Autoride – Touring with the title Gomax Adventure Road to MotoGP Mandalika has started since March 12, 2022 from Jakarta and is expected to return to Jakarta on March 27, 2022. This tour with a distance of tens of thousands of kilometers gets a lot of support from sponsors. One of them is the tire manufacturer Kingland.

In this long-distance touring trip, of course, tires are one of the important factors that must always be considered. Moreover, with different terrain conditions, ranging from climbs, descents, sharp turns, to rocky roads they may encounter along the way.

Seeing these conditions, it becomes an opportunity for Kingland tires to show off. Besides that, it is also a proof to the public that the tires produced by this nation’s children can also be a mainstay, both for touring activities and for daily activities.

“In this touring trip we have the support of Kingland tires. The tires we use are still the standard Jaguar type, for the front 110/13 and rear 130/13,” said Anang Fauzi, Head of Gomax Adventure who joined the touring group.

“Our journey from Jakarta to Mandalika was very fun. When I arrived in Surabaya with rocky roads and smooth asphalt roads, many of my friends told me how come the road could cause it to fall over. I also never bend until it falls down, just this time. Because frankly, by using Kingland type Jaguar tires, the tires are not slippery and bite on the asphalt. So I highly recommend this tire for bikers,” explained Anang.

Kingland Jaguar tires are included in the road tire category, available in tubeless and tube type variants. Kingland Jaguar is sold from Rp. 325 – 330 thousand (front) and Rp. 350 – 355 thousand (rear). For example, a front tire of size 110/80-14 is sold for IDR 323 thousand and a tire size of 130/70-13 is priced at IDR 353 thousand. The price is the Retail Distributor Price (HED).

A total of 12 Gomax Adventure riders took part in the long-distance touring event Road to MotoGP Mandalika. (Maston/Photo: Gomax Adventure)