Gomax Adventure Completes Touring Jakarta – Lombok PP, Beautiful Nature of Indonesia

A total of 10 motorbikes with 12 Gomax Adventure riders have completed the long-distance touring mission Road to MotoGP Mandalika.

Autoride – Touring Gomax Adventure heading to Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) starting on March 12, 2022 from Yamaha DDS Cempaka Putih, Jakarta. Arriving in Lombok, they then watched the Indonesian MotoGP at the Mandalika Circuit on March 20, 2022. This was the main goal of their touring.

The first day trip, from Jakarta directly to Pekalongan, Central Java. Continued on the second day to Surabaya, East Java. After that, after spending the night in Surabaya, the Gomax Adventure community crossed directly to Lembar Harbor, Lombok.

When heading home, Gomax Adventure first stopped in Bali to check on the Yamaha NMax motorbike. Then take the southern route of Java Island via Banyuwangi – Lumajang – Malang – Pacitan (East Java).

From Pacitan, the team stopped in Yogyakarta first to return to check vehicles and change motorcycle oil. Before finally continuing the journey to Jakarta by following the Pangandaran – Purwokerto – Garut – Bandung – Jakarta route.

“Of course, this tour for Gomax Adventure has many interesting things, such as the path we took for the first time. Besides being able to add friends during the trip, we were also amazed by the cool and fresh natural beauty of Indonesia. Anyway, Indonesia is really beautiful,” said Anang Fauzi, Head of Gomax Adventure.

Although the overall touring trip went smoothly, there were still obstacles encountered. Like the problem with Anang’s motorcycle. Where his motorbike hit a hole that made his motorbike problematic.

“The second day my motorbike had trouble, while traveling it hit a hole so the motorbike died on the way from Madiun to Nganjuk, East Java. The incident happened around 22:30 to 02:00 before I was able to walk to Surabaya. Once in Surabaya to Lombok, on the boat the motor can’t be started again. Finally entered the Yamaha workshop in Lombok,” recalled Anang to Autoride.

Narrated Anang, after crossing to Bali, the motorbike was checked again at the Yamaha workshop. However, on the way home from Magelang to Purwokerto, Anang’s motorbike died again when it hit a hole. After checking the gas tank was dismantled, it turned out that the fuel pump filter had a problem. And this has been a disease from the start.

“But the battery has already dropped. Every time you want a starter, you have to jump by a friend’s motorbike. Because the battery is weak, it must be replaced with a new battery. Thank God, even with the various problems that I experienced, I was able to reach Jakarta as well, “explained Anang.

“It was an interesting experience during touring, we were able to find the meaning of friendship and make friends with the community and biker clubs in the areas we traveled. During the 17-day trip, we also got to know the history and culture of Indonesia. We can get to know more about tourist locations and local specialties that we pass through,” he continued.

Several tourist sites were visited by Anang and his friends, such as 0KM Sape Bima, Kuta Beach in Lombok, Legian Beach in Bali, Klayar Beach Pacitan, and Baturraden Purwokerto. Until the most memorable they were able to watch MotoGP from the top of the hill.

The total journey taken is 3,900 kilometers with details of 1,700 kilometers of departure and 2,200 kilometers of returning directions. The touring event is also supported by Kingland tires, Extrajoss, Helmet G2, Yamaha, Maxwire, DESLE and Antangin shoes. (Maston/Photo: Gomax Adventure)