Zamilah WBM Duet With Kingland Becomes Primadona Matic 155cc TU – SOUTH TANGERANG. Wahana Baru Motor Bandung, in fact in the Banten Drag Bike Championship 201 Meters Open DB Asia News Bodisa, which lasted two days until this weekend (28-29/5/2022), came down with a complete formation of motorbikes.

Complete with automatic 200cc tune up to 155cc automatic tune up. Not only succeeded in becoming the champion in both classes of matic 200cc tune up, both Open and Beginner, but also up to matic 155cc tune up. The Matic speeding in the red shirt, the pride of Wiwi Mungils and Kawahara Racing, shot fast with a record of 07.903 seconds.

The successful racer was Eza Yudha, this time carrying the name Kingland WBM team. Eza is very serious and alert in taming Zamilah, because the motorbike is so wild. That’s right, it’s easy and difficult to say. Eza was accompanied by Andre Child in third place, who almost touched 7.7 seconds, as long as the reaction time was good.

Eza Yudha #91

“The bottom of this motorbike is very fierce, it’s wild, it’s a bit difficult to control. Just a little acceleration just goes straight to fly. You have to really understand the character so that it takes off smoothly,” replied Eza Yudha when asked directly by the author.

Zamilah Kingland WBM

At this Bodisa event, WBM fought so fiercely with Hightech Performance. But the Matic 155cc Tune Up with such an elegant name, is still able to become the prima donna in its class, thanks to Popo’s cool hand as the Head Mechanic of Wahana Baru Motor Bandung. Wrapped with teamwork, as well as other Riders.