The Predator “Golden Boy Palembang” Wins the Overall Champion of DANDIM 0424 Drag Bike Pringsewu 2023!

BalapMotor.Net – Another good result was obtained by one of the “predator” teams from Palembang, namely “Golden Boy x Racingstart”. The ferocity of this team has been tested again, its achievements continue to be achieved in the world of motorbike racing, especially Drag Bike.

Last weekend, the team, which is characterized by highlighter colors and carries the team name Golden Boy Dandim 0424 Racingstart Kingland, was once again successful in winning the Open General Champion in the 201m straight racing championship entitled DANDIM 0424 CUP DRAG BIKE 2023 78th TNI Anniversary which took place at the NP circuit. Pringsewu Regional Government, Lampung on Sunday 8 October 2023.

Ali Topan emerged as the overall open champion with a difference of 7 points from Ade Oweh. “Thank God we got good results again with the Golden Boy team, in 4 classes I have got points with a big difference, this is good capital to face the last 1 class, I just try to play it safe and of course it makes me optimistic about getting the overall champion,” said Ali Topan.

The good results that this team continuously obtains cannot be separated from the support of a capable iron horse. Some of them are backed up directly by specialist mechanics in the Java region. They also managed to win several classes in this race. Well, the author will review that later.

“Our efforts have again achieved good results, bro, and this is coming out as the General Champion of the Open, with this result we will not be satisfied just here, we will continue to try to be even better so that we can still win the championship in every race, oh yes in the races “We were also appointed by Kingland Tires to research several of its tires.” said Golden Boy.

OK, once again congratulations to the team “Golden Boy Dandim 0424 x Racingstart Kingland”. (Budy)