Pemalang Road Race 2023: Cool, Appearing in Your Own City SMK Nusa Mandiri Pemalang Successfully Won 17 Podiums – Pemalang

The motor racing championship entitled Pemalang Road Race Championship 2023 with the Regent of Pemalang (Mas Mansur), was successfully held on 14 – 15 October 2023 at the Widuri Beach Circuit, Pemalang.

This time, not only the open classes are competing in the 2023 Pemalang Road Race championship, the Local Kares Pekalongan and Local Pemalang classes are also busy with starters and presenting interesting battles.

The racers and local Pemalang teams were very enthusiastic and eager to take part in this racing event, apart from that, there were also several racing teams from vocational high schools, who were also enthusiastic and enthusiastic about taking part in this racing event, of course the vocational school which has a Motorcycle Engineering Department.

One of them is Nusa Mandiri Pemalang Vocational School with the team name Nusma Racing. In this championship, Nusma Racing succeeded in getting 17 podiums and the top 5 in the class they participated in.

“At the Pemalang event we really have to perform optimally to increase the existence and develop the school in general and for the motorbike engineering department at Nusa Mandiri Vocational School,” said Moch. Maliki ST.

“Through this event, we can socialize, promote the sport of racing and look for good seeds in the world of racing in Pemalang Regency, we help the government or institutions that oversee the world of racing so that good cooperation can be established, in the program it produces outstanding racers while introducing vocational schools. Nusa Mandiri,” explained Moch. Maliki, ST. as Principal of Nusa Mandiri Vocational School.

With all its strategies and breakthroughs, SMK Nusa Mandiri succeeded on the podium and was in the top 5 in the class it participated in. With the cross-relationships and relations of SMK Nusa Mandiri Racing Team Officer Arief Pratomo, S.Pd, assisted by the Head of the TSM Department, Deni Priyanto, S.Pd, they succeeded in attracting outstanding racers from both local and outside Pemalang.

This event, the SMK NUSA MANDIRI racing team was also strengthened by racers from several regions, so for this event in Pemalang we appeared with a new squad, such as Reza Aw, Hokky Ramadinata, Hendra Ryan, Wafi Rama, Kukuh Alfin, Reihan Zaky, Venus Champes, Zahra Danica .

“Thank God, at this event, all riders were able to perform optimally and get points 1 – 5 to win 17 trophies, not forgetting the achievements achieved this time with the support of KINGLAND and FIM Piston. “Next Event, hopefully we can compete again and reap achievements,” added Arief Pratomo, S.Pd as field coordinator of Nusa Mandiri Vocational School.|Didu