Nanang Klowor Makes Golden Boy RRT Kingland Successful at DB Andi Asmara – PALEMBANG. A fierce battle took place in the fight for points in the standings, in the 201 meter drag bike motor racing competition, which took place at the Andi Asmara Drag Bike Championship Round 2 last weekend, Saturday (30/9/2023).

The incident took place at the Jakabaring Sport City Non-Permanent Circuit, Palembang – South Sumatra. The racers who have passed the first round, and have a record of points, try to improve each other’s points, so that they can run safely and comfortably in the final round.

The final results show that the racer from Golden Boy RRT Kingland is Nanang Klowor. Successfully becoming the best in the final result of points in the 2023 Andi Asmara drag bike series 2. This also made the team from Nanang, a giant in the drag bike journey.

The reason is that after the race was over and the final results were calculated, the three racers from Golden Boy RRT Kingland were in the top 3 standings of the Andi Asmara Drag Bike race. First place is of course Nanang Klowor with 81 total points, second is Ali Topan with 70 points, and third is Nofal Codet with 52 points.

“The results are good, bro, after we tried well in the race. For series 1 we have a slight problem with the motor. So, in series 2, we pushed it hard. “The result is that our 3rd series will be safer,” said Agus as team owner.

Has ammunition for talented and well-known racers, in the form of 2 Beginners and 2 Open. Making Golden Boy very ready in all straight racing battle fields. Apart from that, it also received full support from one of Indonesia’s well-known apparel brands, Racing Start. As well as a tire manufacturer made in Indonesia, Kingland Tires.

From the results obtained, the owner is optimistic about continuing to advance and ending the race, with the expected results.

“After passing series 1 and series 2, we are ready to continue in series 3. A review of the race results has been carried out, we will carry out the evaluation together,” he stressed again.