MATIC TU 155 CC DEWATANI MODASI RESEARCH WITH KINGLAND, USING THE MISSION TO SHARP RECORDS!!! June 2024 . The latest news comes from one of the teams from Indramayu, namely Dewatani Modasi. After succeeding in breaking the time record for the 155 cc Matic Tu class at the PBS Kejurprov Banten Drag Bike Championship 2024 event, we are now back doing research with one of the well-known local tire brands, Kingland.

“Currently we have only tried tires from Kingland, namely the Vellox CTX 5 type for the rear. “So far, when setting it up, the performance of the tire itself is quite good, it just takes time for the racer to adjust to the character of the motorbike and the tire,” answered Danu Jagat, Owner of Dewatani Modasi.

Kingland itself is reportedly researching to make tires with the latest compounds and specifically for Drag Bike competitions, such as the Vellox CTX 5 tires. And after making several adjustments, the results were quite satisfactory, namely stable at 7.4 seconds. “I’ve tried running several times, sir. Thank God, the results are quite good, namely constant at 7.4 seconds.” Said Arif Ucil, Dewatani Modasi racer.

Looking at the time record results obtained, it is not impossible that in the near future the Tu 155 cc automatic produced by Oni Modasi will break the record again, aka sharpen the time record. So, I’m waiting for the next performance, hopefully, the timing will be even sharper, amen.