Kingland Sends Eza Child Fastest 4T TU 200cc Motorcycle Beginner Drag Bike 2022 Indramayu Kingland successfully led Eza Child to be the fastest in the 4T TU 200cc motorcycle class for Beginners at the Indramayu 2022 Drag Bike (29-30/10). Precisely on the racing title Open Drag Bike 2022 Indramayu Regent Cup which took place on a non-permanent circuit Jl. Bojongsari Tourism, Indramayu, West Java.

Eza Child who raised the LGM Gupis Lexri Story ID AMR Sinexo flag managed to become the fastest in the Beginner’s 4T TU 200cc motorcycle class after successfully recording a time of 07.106. That’s after competing against Vano Mahendra who recorded 07,155.

Kingland Vellox CTX 5 memiliki traksi yang optimal


Eza Child’s success cannot be separated from the support of round rubber produced by PT King Tire Indonesia, the Velox CTX 5 type, which is indeed being loved by drag bike players. Starting from privateer teams to large teams, it is proven that they use these tires.

Facts on the field Kingland Vellox CTX-5 tires do have the advantage of optimal traction. Amazingly, it can be in various temperatures. Strong on dry track, optimal on wet track. “Yes, this tire immediately reaches its maximum temperature as soon as it is burned out. Traction is maintained and can be optimal, “concluded Eza Child. Edhot