At the event titled Bikers Day Road Race Openchampionship 2022, in Muara Bungo, Jambi (20-21/8/2022), PT. King Tire Indonesia as Kingland tire manufacturer, participated in socializing One Make Tire in the prestigious MP1 class.

This is the most crucial moment, in connection with the Grand Launching event for the introduction of the latest product of Kingland racing tires.

Using the name Kingland Axcero CTX 007, as a line up of racing tire products that have a typical intermediate.

That means, the quality of the compound material, the construction profile and the type of development, are ready to be used in various conditions.

From the temperature of the hot, cold track, from the senggol or permanent market circuit.

Although it takes place in the second half of the 2022 competition season, the launch of the Kingland Axcero CTX 007 is considered profitable for road race racing players in the country.

Contribution of PT. King Tire Indonesia in this country’s two-wheeled racing, is claimed to make it easier for riders, tuners and team owners, when choosing quality racing tires at competitive prices.

“Hopefully, the two-wheeled racing climate will be much more attractive, for all racing teams and private teams, after the pandemic storm,” said Joko Suseno, Marketing Division Head of PT. King Tire Indonesia.

More special, this mandatory Kingland Axcero CTX 007 tire was adopted for motorbike competing in the MP1 class.

With the capacity of the rider’s skill and the performance of the motorbike above average.

This is also indirectly projected, as a test of the Kingland Axcero CTX 007 to its limits and capabilities.

Suddenly the presence of the ranks of the sales & marketing team of PT. King Tire Indonesia, along with its racing tire products, were sold out by the participants and the surrounding community.

It’s beyond prediction! This is also an indication that the racing team, privaters and the automotive enthusiast community, Muara Bungo, Jambi, are thirsty for education about racing tires.

The presence of the Kingland Axcero CTX 007, indirectly also makes the engine builder and tuner happy.

“Regarding the latest data from the evaluation of the research journey of the racing team’s engine performance,” said Denis from San-Start Distributor Kingland Jambi region who is very close to the South Sumatra racing team.

Thus, riders are more free to innovate racing styles, whether playing thin racing lines to sharp maneuvers.

The presence of the Kingland Axcero CTX 007 also triggered a more fierce and dramatic competition.

“In fact, even though I’ve only just met Kingland Axcero CTX 007, the riders have been short on finding chemistry,” said Denis.

More daring to indulge in speed on a non-permanent circuit in the Perum Green Bungo City area, Muara Bungo, Jambi.

Such as slashing the total handicap, the combination of fast corners and hairpins, which really test compound and traction abilities.

Not to mention the condition of the track, which mixes with the concrete profile and wet conditions due to rain before the match.

Automatically, the ideal grip is needed, to serve the cruelty of engine performance and the increasingly attractive racing style of the rider.

It’s amazing, Kingland Axcero CTX 007, which is actually a dry type tire, is still able to serve flawlessly, the needs of the riders.

Up to the Pit Area, many tuners and pit crews were amazed at the performance of the country’s racing tires.

Until finally entering the final, the name Agung Septian Alba, the original Bungo rider who defended the HS Motor Racing Team, Pekanbaru, succeeded in gaining the highest point as the champion.

In his official statement, Agung Septian really appreciated the concoction of PT. King Tire Indonesia.

The need for optimal traction is presented, wet race conditions are no longer a classic problem and a rider scourge.

This is because the capacity and grip capability of the Kingland Axcero CTX 007 is quite competitive. “My advice, in order to be able to enter all segments to the sport type, the choice of tire profile can be added more varied,” said Agung Septian.

The priority scale, input from regions such as in Jambi, is indeed feasible to be realized.

Apart from being calculated based on procedures and regulations, cultural culture and regional sentiments are also absolute benchmarks, “explained Ega Suryana Technical Service Manager of Kingland Tire and also a tire tester, who specifically came to monitor this event.

But, in principle, in this event, the Kingland Axcero CTX 007, can be accepted by both racing players and the community of racing fans,” added Ega Suryana.

We also express our gratitude to Sekawan Production Muara Bungo for the trust and opportunity given to PT. King Tire Indonesia, to introduce the latest type of racing tires.

“Until socializing it at the 2022 Bikers Day Road Race Openchampionship, Muara Bungo, Jambi,” continued Joko Suseno. now/photo : kingland