Concerned with Regional Racing, Kingland Drops Down Directly to Provide Support in the Pringsewu Drag Bike Championship 2022

Caring about racing in areas in this country, Kingland Tire support and fully support the 201M race. At the Pringsewu Drag Bike 201 M Open Championship 2022, which ended on Sunday, September 25, 2022, the tires created by the nation’s children were observed to be present.

This is the third time Kingland Tire is present in Lampung. Lampung is indeed famous for the enthusiasm of the very busy Drag Bike racing lovers, not only the perpetrators but the fans of this 201M hill race, which is very crowded.

The proof is that 816 starters took part in the Pringsewu Drag Bike 201 M Open Championship 2022. In addition, there were a lot of spectators who attended this race until late at night. This is one of the reasons why Kingland Tire should care about regional races.



“The enthusiasm of the participants and the audience is extraordinary, sir, that is one of the reasons we care about racing in an area like Lampung, with our products made by the nation’s children, of course, we introduce Kingland tires with their quality.” Says Ega Suryana as Technical Service when meeting at the circuit to the author

As a result, the team that was fostered and of course used Kingland tires, namely the Bonanza 253 Bogor team managed to achieve good results by winning 4th and 5th place in the 4T 130cc TU Motorbike class. This class is of course still the most popular in the Lampung regional racing class, which is obviously still crowded with people.