Ahead of Lampung Speed Roadrace 2022: SP Motor Kingland MVK Racing Drops 4 Motors, Relying on Gozi Fahrezi and Fallah Acil!


Ahead of the Lampung Speed Roadrace 2022 which will be held at the NP Circuit. East Lampung Regional Government Office Complex on Saturday-Sunday 15-16 October the SP Motor Kingland MVK Racing team will field 2 racers and 4 motorcycles.

The 2 racers that will be fielded by the team from Bandar Lampung are Gozi Fahrezi from Lampung and Fallah Acil from Tasikmalaya. So what classes will they drop? According to the author’s observations, there are 4 motorbikes that have been prepared by MVK Racing, which is headquartered in Way Kandis, Bandar Lampung.

“That’s right, for tomorrow’s race we have prepared 4 motorcycle units, we will field Gozi in the Expert class, namely MP1 (4T Bebek TU 150cc) and MP2 (4T Bebek TU 125cc), now for Fallah Acil we play in the Novice class in MP3 (Bebek 4T TU 150cc Novice) and MP4 (Bebek 4T TU 125cc Novice).” Says Marvin Veka to the writer

Judging from the data on the racing report cards of these two racers, which I can say is quite good, it seems that it will be a weapon for the SP Kingland MVK Racing motorcycle team to provide resistance, which is sure that the race will be tight. In addition, thorough preparations have also been prepared, especially for the racehorses that they have set for the past 10 days.

Will SP Motor Kingland MVK Racing be able to spread achievements through Gozi Fahrezi and Fallah Acil at the Lampung Speed Roadrace 2022? Okay, let’s see at the race tomorrow, okay? (Buddy)